Javelina Place

The Controversial Face of the Collared Peccary
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Edited by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb & Terril L. Shorb
55 pages, with photos

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ISBN: 0-9653849-2-6

ISBN13: 978-0-9653849-2-6

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      "The javelina, also known as the collared peccary, is hooves-down one of the most fascinating wild creatures of the Southwest desert—and one of the most controversial. What of the stories of the javelina as four-legged marauders who have taken over the territory from the likes of the O.K. Corral desperados? Is there truth to stories of these petite peccaries menacing Dobermans, bulldozing backyards, and chasing hapless hikers up trees?"

           —from the Introduction

      This anthology includes interviews with Eric Gardner of Arizona Game and Fish and with Sue Simpson, an Arizona-based wildlife rehabilitator, as well as prose by Norah Booth, Diane Payne, Nellie Montoya, and others who have had surprisingly sweet and memorable encounters with the "outlaw pigs" who are neither pigs nor outlaws.